Council of Thieves

Session 3 7/1/2012

After deciding on a name, Defenders of Cheliax, a uniform, black cloak with red armband, and a plan to rescue Arael, you set out and prepare an ambush. With borrowed horses and a ragtag group of commonfolk, you take on a fully armed and trained squad of hellknights, led by Signifier Shanwen Shanwen. Janiven advised not to kill them, as it will only make you seem more violent and vigilante to the citizens of Westcrown. However, you instead destroyed them all, with only a few seriously wounded in your own party. After freeing Arael, Janiven and a few others bury the bodies at a distance while you head back to town to return the horses you “borrowed” from Gorvio’s uncle. The other members of the Defenders gather all the loot and take it back by a different route to sell at the market.

Total XP: 1829
Fame Points: 2

Preview for Next Session:

You find an interesting note on Shanwen’s body. Look on Roll20 in your journal for the handout.


krystyunderwood krystyunderwood

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