Time and Space

For ease of use, this book uses Absalom Reckoning (ar)
for all of its dates. This reckoning system is based on the
foundation of Absalom (which occurred on 1 Abadius, 1
ar), and because of Absalom’s expansive inf luence the city’s
calendar has achieved great popularity throughout the world,
although many independent nations maintain their own
systems as well. In Absalom Reckoning, the day of the month
is always given first, followed by the name or number of the
month, with the year coming last.
Golarion spins on its axis roughly once every 24 hours.
Weeks consist of 7 days, with 52 weeks per year. A year has
12 months, each of which corresponds to a popular deity. In
order to most accurately ref lect reality, many calendars across
Golarion add in leap days. In the Absalom Reckoning, the leap
day is tacked on to the end of Arodus and occurs on every year
divisible by 8. Thus, the current year (4708) is not a leap year,
but 4704 was and 4712 will be.

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Holidays and Festivals

Lunar and Celestial Holidays

Other Worlds

Time and Space

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